Health & Community Service Pathway Model

Students will need to complete School-Based VET and other Senior subjects to fulfill entry requirements into a tertiary degree.


Qualifications are designed keeping year 10-12 secondary school students in mind. These nationally recognized certificate courses help students fulfill entry requirements for a tertiary degree. By collaborating with nominated secondary schools, CnG enables students to complete their qualification at their own school.

Skill Sets

Skill Sets help people working or intending to work within the Health and Community Services industries. These nationally recognized courses are ideal for businesses looking to upskill their current and future staff. Students finishing school can also benefit from Skill Sets—adding to their desirability for employment.

Short Courses

NanoQuals® are short courses crafted exclusively by Connect ‘n’ Grow. These provide you with industry knowledge while keeping up with trends and updates. NanoQuals® provide an upper hand to anyone interested in the Health and Community Services sector.