Track Student Progress Easily

Connect ‘n’ Grow’®s CnG Hub is designed using one of the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the world. It helps teachers keep a track on the progress their students are making. Through SpeedGrader, accessing and grading student work is streamlined. Teachers can do everything in one interface without the need to download multiple files.

Annual Professional Development

Our Annual Teacher Professional Development (PD) days are held to ensure that teachers stay up-to-date with industry trends. Teachers learn the best practice demonstrations from health professionals so that their students are job-ready.

Teaching Resources

We have developed flexible and interactive resources specifically for secondary school teachers. These will help teachers inspire their students to fulfill their potential. The presentations, videos, and activities provided by the CnG Hub make learning fun.

Assistance from Health Experts

Our staff comprises of health experts that assist teachers with anything related to the industry. They work closely with teachers and can provide special lectures to classes if required. Our experts include doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists to name a few.

Teacher Accelerated Program (TAP)

Teachers can benefit from our Teacher Accelerated Program through which we provide training and upskilling. This makes it easier for them to meet the Human Resource requirements for delivering our courses. Because Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) takes into account existing skills and knowledge, CnG can make things easier for you. With our TAP, teachers can identify the gaps in their skills and fast-track the required training.

CnG Staff Visitations

Whenever school teachers need us, we are happy to pay them a visit on campus and provide support. Our staff provides advice on the best ways to deliver a program. Teachers can also clarify any doubts they have during the visitations.

View Our Skill Sets


Induction to Disability

Learn relevant skills when providing support to people with a disability with this Skill Set. It adds to your efficiency in communication, client-care, and manual handling.


Assist Clients with Medication

This course is for those already working in the Health or Social Service industry. It teaches you how to administer and assist medication of clients in the best way possible—including distribution and documentation.


Health and Social Services

This is an induction Skill Set which is extremely beneficial to those entering the health and social service sector. It covers a wide range of topics including communication, diversity, and safety.