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School-based Traineeships for
Future Healthcare Professionals

Your Path to Success Starts Here: School-Based Traineeships for Future Healthcare Professionals.

  • Deadly Start Education2Employment

    The Deadly Start Education2Employment program provides a culturally supportive pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to kick start a career in health thorough a Certificate II and Certificate III Traineeship.

  • Wesley Mission Queensland Traineeships

    WMQ school-based traineeship program was designed to help address the sector-wide workforce shortage and encourage young people to gain skills and a nationally recognised qualification.

  • School-based Traineeships

    Parents, Students, Employers, Schools! Are you wanting to know more about our School-based Traineeship programs and the opportunities available?

Who can do a school-based traineeship?

In Queensland, school-based traineeships are available to high school students aged 15 or older, enrolled in a Queensland secondary school, who have obtained permission from their school, and are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens residing in Australia.


What can be expected from a school-based traineeship?

As a school-based trainee in the Health sector, you can expect to gain practical experience in healthcare facilities, assist healthcare professionals, learn about patient care, medical administration, and develop skills relevant to the industry.

  • Nursing

  • Aged Care

    Aged Care
  • Disability Support

    Disability Support
  • Other Health Occupations

    Other Health

If you enjoy helping others or are interested in the medical field, we highly suggest checking out our available courses.

Balancing work and education commitments

As a school-based trainee in the Health sector, balancing work and educational commitments can be both challenging and rewarding. It requires effective time management and organizational skills to juggle responsibilities. You will need to maintain a balance between attending classes, completing school assignments, and fulfilling your work obligations. Communication with your employer and school is crucial to ensure that both parties understand and support your commitments. It may involve negotiating flexible work hours, coordinating with teachers for missed classes, and utilizing study periods efficiently. Despite the challenges, this experience provides valuable real-world exposure to the healthcare industry, practical skills development, and the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a professional setting, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience. With proper planning and dedication, you can successfully navigate the demands of work and education, fostering personal growth and setting a solid foundation for a future healthcare career.


How many hours are required to work?

In Queensland, as a school-based trainee, you are required to complete a minimum of 375 hours of work as part of your traineeship. These hours are typically spread out over the course of the traineeship, allowing you to balance your work commitments with your school schedule. The specific arrangement of hours may vary depending on your employer and role, in many Healthcare settings hours vary from early starts to late finishes. It is important to communicate with your employer and school to establish a schedule that accommodates both your work and educational commitments. By effectively managing your time and meeting the required hours, you can make the most of your school-based traineeship and gain valuable practical experience.


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