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  • School-based Traineeships for Future Healthcare Professionals

    Our programs provide high school students with an opportunity to gain practical skills and real-world experience in the healthcare field. Through hands-on training, mentorship and learning support, our traineeships empower students to become future health care professionals.

    Join us on this exciting journey to kickstart your career in healthcare and make meaningful impact on the lives of others.

  • Pathway to a career in Health and Community Services whilst in Secondary School

    Start your journey towards a fulfilling career in Health and Community Services whilst still in secondary school with our VET in School programs. Our industry designed programs empower students to gain invaluable skills, knowledge, and nationally recognised qualifications whilst still in secondary school. Take the first step towards your career aspirations in Health and Community services with our VET in School programs.

  • SELF Program

    SELF is a life skills program that aims to develop the skills young people need for a healthy and authentic sense of self awareness in order to make informed decisions about their life and their personal wellbeing.

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VET in Schools

Unlock the door to a fulfilling career in Health and Community Services with our VET in School programs. Our comprehensive programs provide students with hands-on training, industry-relevant curriculum, and nationally recognised qualifications. From learning essential skills in healthcare and community services to gaining practical experience, our programs prepare students for rewarding careers in these fields. With expert guidance and a supportive learning environment, our VET in Schools programs offer students a head start in their career journey.

VET in Schools

School holiday programs

Unlock new possibilities and unleash your potential with our exciting School Holiday Program! Specifically tailored for students in Year 10 to Year 12, our program offers an immersive and engaging experience during school holidays, providing an opportunity to learn about various aspects of Health in a fun and interactive way.

Holiday School Program

Our community

We believe in unearthing and supporting future community leaders. This is why we established the Seed Foundation in 2015. Our goal with this initiative has always been to empower Australia’s First People. We provide support and opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking a Connect ‘n’ Grow® Qualification. Find out more about our community and get involved.

Our Partners