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Course Overview

S.E.L.F is a life skills program that aims to develop the skills young people need for a healthy and authentic sense of self awareness in order to make informed decisions about their life and their personal wellbeing. The course is not linked to any specific further study or qualification but benefits students in developing self-awareness, a sense of direction, motivation, greater resilience and fulfilling relationships. These skills are vital to young people in their senior years as they face competing demands on their time, the influence of social media and the important decisions they are faced with during this time and throughout their adult life. The 21st century workforce is seeking more than technical skills of their employees. Much has been written about the soft skills that are important to the workplace such as communication, teamwork, motivation, enthusiasm, problem solving, adaptability and emotional intelligence.

Course Details

What Students Achieve

The S.E.L.F program aims to ensure students have a solid foundation in self awareness and thus reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence and achieve a sense of wellbeing and happiness in order to be successful in a life of their choosing. Students can receive 1 QCE Credit

  • Discover your unique identity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The truth about your values
  • Your purpose and passion
  • Using choice and responsibility
  • Personal wellbeing

A Partnership Agreement is entered between Connect ‘n’ Grow®  and the School outlining the responsibilities by both parties.

Is designed as a short course for senior students in Year 10-12.

The SELF Program takes a minimum of 55 hours and can be up to 12 months or longer.

  • Workbook 
  • Online resources and videos 
  • Delivery and assessment guide 
  • Complementary book for each School – “Hiding in the Shade: Discover your purpose, follow your dreams” by Kathryn Wiseman.

  • Short responses 
  • Observation checklist
  • Reflective journal 
  • Self-assessment 
  • Third party report

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