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Our Story

In 2012, Michael Gleadow and Dr. Naomi Gleadow founded Connect ‘n’ Grow® to help Australia’s First People. With their education and health backgrounds, the couple decided to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In recent years, keeping in mind the predicted shortage of healthcare professionals and depleting reputation of RTOs, we realised our need to go beyond. Connect ‘n’ Grow® therefore have now expanded to mainstream schools, businesses, and individuals—giving every person that aspires to have a successful career in health and social service an opportunity.

We are a dedicated team working to bring quality health education to you. Our company is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that aims to spearhead change. Our Qualifications, Skill-Sets, and Short Courses (NanoQuals®) are designed to increase your desirability as employees. At our core, however, we will always have a special place for those who really need our help.

As we keep growing with you, we hope to increase Australia’s health workforce substantially. Together, we can become torchbearers in the field of Health and Community Services.

Quick Points

  • Solid foundation skills to enter the health workforce.
  • Quality training to stay up-to-date with industry trends.
  • Opportunities to engage with universities, training and employment providers.
  • Opportunities to increase health literacy in Australia.

Making health pathways happen through quality education.


We are building a job ready health and human services workforce that provides care to all.

Our Values

We make it simple

Everything we do, we ensure that our partners feel no burden at all. We find ways to adopt the most efficient and simplistic methods for training and education.

We embrace our systems

Our staff, learners and partners are motivated to embrace the latest systems and technologies. We are currently adopting innovative IT systems including Virtual Reality to deliver programs and run internal systems.

We commit to growth

And we mean growth for both ourselves and our partners. As we constantly better ourselves, we hope to grow both personally and professionally.

We care about our relationships

Every decision we make is another step toward fortifying our relationships. We maintain meaningful relationships with our partners even after they have completed their training.

We find satisfaction in our work

We feel a sense of achievement when we see our partners succeed. One of our most important goals is to ensure that our partners find satisfaction in our training programs.

We make student centric decisions

We believe that by placing the students’ best interests at the centre of our decision making, and understanding what impact these have on students, our programs will always deliver them the best possible outcomes.

Our People

Our people lie at the center of everything we do for our students.

Collectively, our team of experts is responsible for unlocking the true potential of students. We think outside-the-box to provide the best solutions possible.

The diverse working environment we operate in reflects our tribe. We are dedicated to building an efficient Health and Humans Services workforce. This is why our team has experts in multiple fields, industries and locations close to where our students are.

Find out more about our people and how we work below.

Michael Gleadow
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Naomi Gleadow
Dr. Naomi Gleadow
Matt Rattray
General Manager
Rachel Knight
Head of the Corporate Services
Alana Segnit
Head of Growth & Development
Nikki Bowes
Schools Relationship Manager